2019 Riding Season
2018 Riding Season
A look into the Pemberton 2018 riding season.
And So It Begins!
2018 riding season has begun in Pemberton!
2017 A Year In Photos
Lets make 2018 as epic as 2017!
2017 Riding Season
A Look back at the 2017 Pemberton riding season.
CWX 2017
The Norco Factory Racing team allowed me to hang out and photograph the team during CWX 2017. Thanks again Norco Factory Racing for letting me hang with ya!
Deity Components Review
The fine people from Deity were kind enough to spec my Norco Range C9.2 with their premium race goods. Read on for an in depth review of their components.
Some Pemberton Classics
The last two weekends had us venture onto some Pemberton classics. We did the full pull from valley bottom up to Jack the Ripper (the proper way to do it) and the weekend before we threw our bikes on our backs and headed straight up to Taste the Gravy, a lesser known classic!
Norco Range C9.2 Review
A quick review of the Norco Range C9.2 after three months of putting it thru the wringer. Thanks to Comor Sports and Norco Bicycles for the love.
Nimby Fifty
This is not a typical XC race. It is a technical marathon xc mountain bike race which means it is absolutely loaded with incredible single track.
Toonie Time #3!
Sponsored by Chromag and the Pemberton Fire Rescue Department. 89 very happy riders had a blast on the PVTA trails.
Toonie Time #2!
PORCA toonie #2 was sponsored by Northshore Billet and Mile One Eating House. There were 94 riders I think that maybe some kind of record for the PORCA toonies. They even ran out of burgers:(
PVTA Spring Trail Day
2017 Spring Trail Day
Toonie Time!
PORCA Toonie race sponsored by Pemberton Bike Co. and Snowline Catering
Easter Shred Weekend
Shredding Pemberdise and hunting for Easter beers!
Spring has Sprung, maybe?
Trails are opening up out there so get out there and enjoy this tacky season.
Winter You Are Drunk Go Home!
Winter is slowly trying to leave the valley bottom to make room for spring. Jeff and I could not wait so we started digging dirt on some of the lower trails. We also pushed up to ride some of the lower classics. You still can not access anything from Happy Trail or Mosquito lake. Be patient winter will sober up and leave the Pemberton Valley soon enough.
Meat Grinder and Cream Puff
First day of 2017 riding with Cam and Jeff decided to go for the gnar, so Meat Grinder it was.
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