It was another excellent riding season within our amazing Valley!! The Pemberton valley is now late into the fall and the snow is creeping down the impressive face of Mt Currie so why not a better time to look back at our amazing 2019 riding season here in Pemberton.

Pemberton Shuttle Co.

The 2019 riding season started March 9th. Trail of choice was Meat grinder. It is usually the first trail open to ride in Pemberton as long as you are willing to hike your bike up it.
Jeff working off the winter fat
Snoe in the valley but Meat grinder was good to go
Marlee taking in the sun
Slabs were clear and dry
 Jeff and I usually look for some low valley trail projects while we chase the snow line up till it s gone. As of previous years we have dedicated our services to Cop Killer for our early season project.It is a Pemberton classic and local favorite. It has become a favorite as well thru out the sea to sky corridor thanks  to "MTB Influencers".
Marlee keeping six
Jeff making the infamous chute good to go
reaping the rewards of our work
Holding up
CK Slab
OG slabbing
Some international spice
As we were will still waiting for the snow to leave the higher trails Jeff, Cam and I did get out and  rode some lower unknown trails that we had all to ourselves! The influencers have no idea!!
A little sweat for the goods
Cam taking it all in before he is all in!!
The goods
Look at that valley
Fresh dirt
That View
On the edge
Cam dropping into the unknown on an unknown trail.
The OG getting it done!
I was even able to get some time in building on one of my favorite trails. I started to reroute the top of the trail that was destroyed from logging last summer and started to add a jump line. It is not completely finished but close! In the meantime its closed so do not be a dick! and stay off the reroute, you know who you are. 
Need water
Always keep it sharp out there
Cross training
look at that technique
The manicure
So stoic!
Cut blocks suck!
Marlee came out of retirement to check out the new entrance!!
It was time to head to the Pemberton alpine we were getting the longer days and the snow was gone. Our patience had paid off!!
Take it alll in
Mr. PORCA getting high in Pemby
Slabs every where!!
Views every where!!
Tarns every where!!
Oh yeah we cant forget the slabs of Pemberton. Yeah we got slabs!!
Forrest slabs
Secret slabs
Influencer slabs
Old School slabs
Just like that summer was over!! The leaves were changing and the days were getting shorter. Fall time riding was in full force.

Fall goodness
Green loamy trails
The forest is alive
Get ya some Pemby loam
Old old school trails
Loamy trails from the 90's
Fall clipping
Rock, rock, root and more rock!!
Great way to end the season with celebrating Jeff's 50th birthday. Big ride with good people down to great food and tasty beers! The OG of Pemberton is still ripping at 50!!
Its cold up high!!
The views were okay!
Lillooet lake view!
Beer, buds, bikes!!

Happy 50th Jeff can you please slow down now!!

Cheers to another amazing year of riding! Thanks to Norco Bicycles for the amazing Range, TRP for the  great braking power and ENNEF design corp for the very tech and savy kits. I cant forget Chromag Bikes a solid bike company with a sea to sky soul, they get it.

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