Last week Jeff and I were bored midweek so we took advantage of the longer days and decided to go inspect some of the lower trails on McKenzie.
There was still alot of snow in the valley. Mt Currie is looking full of the white stuff as well! Maybe one day Ill get enough balls to ski it!!
The Godfather inspecting some trail.
After our walk about a few days later we decided we could put the pick and McLeod to dirt for some much needed trail maintenance. The dirt was looking, smelling and feeling amazing. It felt good to get back into mother natures gym!
Pick to dirt and the odd rock.
Worked on a few berms that were non-existent on the original build.
Mount Currie checking out Jeff's new bike!
On Saturday after some dirt slinging we decided to hike a bike up to some of lower trails to ride some wet sketchy rock lines.
All is good so far....
All is not good! this is where shit hit the fan! I went ass over tea kettle and catapulted my bike at Jeff, who was taking the shot with my DSLR, the bike nailed him in the head, camera went flying into the forest while on its travels thru the forest it decided to hit a few big rocks. Blood was spilled, camera done but we both walked away with minor injuries.
It was a big day of digging, riding, crashing and looking for pieces of my camera. All in all it wasn't the cheapest day but it was still a good day. It will still be a bit until any trails can be accessed by theĀ  climbing routes. Will keep you up dated. If your keen you can push up some of the south facing trails like Meat grinder and session some rock lines.

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