Eric Davies from Deity was nice enough to send me some of their components to pimp out my 2017 Norco range C9.2. I customized my Range with BlackLabel bars, Copperhead stem, Waypoint grips and the speed trap saddle. They also threw in some sweert T's and a couple of holeshot jerseys.
Deity sent me 3 pairs of grips, 2 sets of Knuckledusters and 1 set of Waypoint grips. I am currently riding with the Waypoint grips and have not yet had a chance to try the Knuckledusters. The Waypoint grips are built with the Deity TRC rubber compound. They have a tapered inner sleeve to insure perfect contact with the handlebar. They are a single clamp design with forward facing bolts that feature loc-tite lasered black ano 6061 T6 aluminum clamps. The grips have a seamless transition through the end of the grip for comfort and full range of control with a diamond pattern that wraps around the end of the grip they weigh in at 91 grams.
I am really enjoying the Waypoint grips on my bike. The simple design of the grip is awesome nothing over the top. The TRC rubber compound is gentle to the touch but not so soft that they would wear out in just a couple of rides. I have been riding them for about a 1.5 months and there is only a bit of wear at the end of the grip from me laying my bike over on its side a few times. I do like that there is only one inner clamp for each grip, this allows for a smoothtransition to the end of your bar. Make sure when your installing the grip you give it a few good taps on the end to get it seated on your bars. The grip is tapered towards the outside of the grip so it seats to your bar better. I have had no issues with the grip twisting on me with only one clamp on the grip. Its a great grip and I cant wait to try the Knuckledusters .
I opted for the 25mm rise green BlackLabel bars. They are also available in 15mm and 38mm rise options. The bars have a 9 degree bend / backsweep by 5 degree upsweep and are 800mm wide.  The bars have a 31.8mm clamping diameter and  are constructed from 7075 aluminum the BlackLabelbars weigh in at 327 grams.
I first had the 15mm rise BlackLabel bar on my bike because that is what I have always rode with before, but seeing I also had a 25mm bar I threw it on. I must say I do like the higher rise bars especially for the steep terrain in Pemberton. The 800mm length is just right for me. If you prefer a shorter length you can always cut them down or purchase one of Deity's shorter bars. If you are looking at a  wider bar option Deity has a bar that is 825 mm called the Holeshot. The BlackLabel bar handles the downhill rowdiness just fine and are stiff enough for the rowdy trails in Pemberton.
The Copperhead stem was designed for all applications from All MTN to Slopestyle and anything in between. I mounted the 50mm stem on my range. The Copperhead stem is CNC machined from a solid block of 6061 T6 Aluminum with a super low 30mm stack height and a 31.8mm bore the Copperhead stem weighs in at 161 grams.
I am running the 50mm Copperhead stem. I was running a 40mm stem before. The extra 10mm of reach felt not bad at all. The longer reach and higher bar rise has given me a whole new riding experience for the better. The Copperhead stem is light enough for all mountain and burly enough for park laps. The look is exceptionally detailed chamfered edges and channels throughout. 
The saddle of choice is the Speedtrap railed. Deity collaborated with SDG components to develop the saddle base and along with Deity's own foam mold makes this saddle a proven contender! The under carriage consists of hollow CR-MO rails. The saddle also consists of the highest quality mid density EVA foam,highest quality Kevlar sides with embossed synthetic coverD2 edge flex which provides softened edges for optimal pedal strokes. The Speedtrap saddle weighs in at 241 grams.
I am rocking the Speedtrap saddle on the Range. This saddle has been on epic 7 hour rides as well as  multiple laps in the Whistler bike park. There is no sign of wear any where on the saddle. The people at Deity and SDG have designed and constructed an amazing durable saddle that you can spend hours on with out compromising comfort and charge the gnarliest lines while looking good!
To my surprise and delight Deity also has a great selection of softgoods. I was able to get my hands on a couple of Holeshot ss jerseys. I wish I would of asked for more! These jerseys are my favorite jerseys to ride in! They are light weight and cut the heat. I like the basic stylish look of the jersy as well! Im hoping that this is sign of things to come! (riding shorts!!??) Check out the Deity website to have a look at all their softgood options.
"At the end of the day, we know what separates Deity from the rest and it is our unwillingness to compromise. We believe that the knowledge and integrity that comes from doing things for the right reasons leaves no room for regrets. We take the responsibility of our customer and rider’s experience seriously and are incredibly proud to say that we never sacrifice for the easy outcome and always do it with style." DEITY Components

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