The Nimby Fifty is not really 50 km it is actually 37 km but it feels more like 100km at the finish. ItsĀ  a grueling race with some amazing views if you have time to take them in!!

The weather for the weekend ended up been "Super Stellar" as were the views of the Pemberton Valley and Mt. Currie.
There was lots of action happening high in the mountains and low in the valley floor.
Random rider checked out the goods on Overnight before the mass of riders descended the Red Bull Downtime.
"Now the race is on and here comes pride up the backstretch heartaches are going to the inside. My tears are holding back. They're trying not to fall." George Jones. It was not as dramatic as the lyrics to the "Race is On", but the riders still hurt at the end and I am sure a few tears fell during the race.
Cory Wallace riding for Kona Factory Team had a fairly big lead on the Red Bull Downtime and ended up winning the Nimby fifty with a time of 2:14:32.5
Sean Babcock riding for Team S&M took second over all on the Nimby but some how closed the gap to with in 10 seconds of Cory Wallace with a time of 2:14:42
Chris Johnston from the Nomads smashed his way down the Red Bull Downtime to take the win! Chris also came in 6th place in the pro men elite category!!
Shane Gayton had a great run and finished 2nd place in the male - Master 35-39 category
Davis English had a shitty race, flatting twice on course. Poor tire selection Davis?
There were beauty views down the Pemberton meadows as well! It was not all about Mt. Currie.
This rock slab on Overnight seemed to be a little to much for some of the riders and for others it was another ride in the mountains.
Random trail runners did not get the memo about the Nimby fifty race!
It was awesome to see local Kyle Long kill it in the Womens 30-34 category, he took 1st!
Way to go Kyle!!
It was not easy to findĀ  passing lane on the Nimby course but when you did you made sure you took advantage of it.
It was amazing to see some groms out racing the Nimby. Good to see its not all about the bike park.
Another Pemberton local Annie Oja ripping the Nimby. This was her first Nimby and she finished 4th in the Womens 30-34 category. Pemby ladies rip!!
the Red Bull Downtime was extended this year to include the trail "Fifty". This meant there was a bit more pedaling before Overnight!
Terry Evans is 1/3 of the Nimby Fifty team organizers the other 2/3 consists of Russ Wood and Dean Linnell. These guys put on one hell of a race!!
Todd Hellinga looked pretty focused coming out of the downtime part of the Nimby.
Dog Daze!
Thanks again to all the volunteers that hung out in the mosquito infested woods to make this race happen! You guys and gals are the true winners! I hope you enjoyed the after race beers!!
Some racers had some interesting styles coming down the Mackenzie FSR.
Just seconds away from Brett Tippie getting all up in your face!
The Nimby Fifty cheering squad were out in full force this year!
Quick rinse then beer.
Papa Josh with some great beer drinking tunes.
That is a wrap boys and girls. Thanks to everyone for coming out to the 2017 Nimby Fifty and enjoying the Pemberton trails. Don't forget to buy PVTA and PORCA memberships so that our rad trails can keep being rad for all of us. Thanks to Terry, Russ and Dean for organizing such a great event. Thanks North Arm farms for letting all of us hang out for post food and beers. A big thanks to all the volunteers for stepping up to make this event happen. See ya all next year.

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