Spring has sprung? Not sure but my bike wheels have been hitting pay dirt lately and that makes me happy! Most of the lower valley trails are good to go. You can ride up Nimby all the way to Max Pains with very little snow to push through. Rumor has it One Mile zone is pretty clear with the odd snow and/or ice patch.
Mt Currie still full of snow, but the valley is starting to look bare.
Just a random man with a random dog climbing up Nimby.
First sign of snow was up the Nimby starting at the first bridge of the three. Had to push a little thru it, maybe 5 min of slogging thru ankle deep snow.
This was just above Back Pains up to Max Pains was all clear and sunny.
Sunny sunshine a rare occasion lately!
A bit of pushing to Max Pain trail head, but the downhill was ripping fast and flowy!
Look at those berms, just look at em! Thanks Adam Billinghurst.
Eyes on the prize and teeth clenched and a lot of more downhill to go! Max Pains into Back Pains is running great! Get on it before its to dry out there.
Another view of Mt Currie, it never gets old this view. Have fun out there and keep it pinned!!

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