Jeff and Cam hiking their steeds up Meat Grinder, the access from Mosquito Lake is pretty much snowed in so more hiking then pedaling!
Jeff finally able to try out the new rig on some grippy snow, if you look close enough at Mt. Currie you can see someone shredding the main chute!
Finally getting the new 2017 Reign onto some brown hard pack!!
Meat Grinder was peppered with snow here and there but 85% was shreddable!!
Why so serious? Cam its only Mountain Biking!
Follow the leader down a new line on Meat Grinder, frozen loam!!
Manage to hike a bit up Cream Puff to ride the main vein. Above the Main Vein was a little snowy and icy in the shade.
Cam dropping into Main Vein off Cream Puff with Mt. Currie in the distance.
The "Godfather" showing us how its done to drain the Main Vein clean!!
All in all it was a successful day on the bikes in Pemberton. So far there isn't much you can pedal up to, but Meat Grinder is good to go if you don't mind hiking your bike up the trails. If we get rain to the Valley bottom with this next storm I'm sure more south facing trails will open up! 2017 bike season has begun in Pemberton!

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